Now mead tastings also in Vilnius! Reservation information.

Lietuviškas midus, JSC organises excursions and tasting sessions for its guests. We cordially invite you to visit the recently renovated 19th century malt drying tower of the former Gintaras brewery, where a new mead museum has been set up.

You will have the opportunity to hear the stories of how mead is produced, as well as to see the crockery from which mead was consumed back in the olden days. At the museum, you will be able to take a stroll through all of the floors of the tower and to look at the authentic extant spaces and equipment.

During the excursions, you will be shown how Lithuanian mead is made today. If possible, you will also be granted the opportunity to visit the mead cellars, where the beverages are ripened.


During the tasting session, you will be able to evaluate how the different beverages taste and to share your thoughts on them.

You may also purchase some of the beverages that we produce, all in original packaging, from the nearby concept store.

Groups cannot be smaller than 8 people, all of whom must be of at least 20 years of age. It is necessary to register in advance.

Business hours:

On weekdays: 10:00-17:00
On Saturdays: 10:00-16:00

Prices (for a single person):
Excursions, including tasting session:

4 beverages tasting - 16.00 EUR
5 beverages tasting - 18.00 EUR
6 beverages tasting - 22.00 EUR

Duration: 1,5 to 2 hours

Excursion around the museum and the factory, excluding a tasting session, on weekdays - 45.00 EUR (for groups of up to 30 people).

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