Lithuanian mead tasting in Vilnius Old Town!

Since 2016, UAB Lietuviškas midus invites you to mead tastings right in the heart of the capital!
Now guests from abroad and locals have the opportunity to enjoy traditional Lithuanian mead beverages at their chosen location: the town of Stakliškės, where the brewery is established, or surrounded by archaic atmosphere in Vilnius Old Town.

During the tasting, a guide will take you through the old history of mead invention, reveal the ingredients that enrich mead with various aromas, and explain why Lithuanian mead production is exceptional.
Participants may choose the number of different beverages they wish to taste and we tell them about mead drinking peculiarities. Everyone is welcome to purchase the drinks that they liked most.

Advance registration to tastings is required. Groups of at least 5 people are accepted only. The tasting session language can be Lithuanian, English, Russian or Polish.

PRICES (per person)

The duration of a tasting session: 45 min to 1 hr
Tasting of 4 beverages – 8 EUR (6%, 12%, 25%, 50%)
Tasting of 5 beverages – 10 EUR (6%, 12%, 25%, 30%, 50%)
Tasting of 6 beverages – 12 EUR (6%, 12%, 25%, 30%, 50%, 75%)
(Price includes a cheese snack)

• The duration of a tasting session: 15 min to 20 min
Tasting of 4 beverages – 5 EUR (12% and 75%)
(Price also includes a mini cheese snack)

Working hours:
From 10 AM to 7 PM (Monday through Sunday)

Contact info
Address: Stiklių st. 5, Vilnius
Phone: +370 698 52907; +370 319 45558